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- TGPix Photography - The Smile Specialist!

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OnTax Dunfermline Accountants have figured out the key to putting a smile on your face! It's not money, power, fame or success...it's a trip to a photographer! With that in mind, what better way to test the theory than visit our client TGPix Photography on a cold, wet, snowy morning in late March 2013! Here at OnTax Dunfermline Accountants things can sometimes get a little stressful in the office, so what better way to alleviate it than for OnTax Dunfermline Accountants to visit a client at her site!

Teresa Geissler, who runs TGPix Photography warmly welcomed me at her delightful rustic Victorian house with my favourite beverage...a super strong espresso! We quickly got down to talking about Teresa's interest in photography and what came through was her passion to not only take good photographs but to work with the client. Teresa explained to Ontax Dunfermline Accountants that many photographers will book you in for a 60 minute session but Teresa believes this is not the ideal format. For her, the best way to get your personality to come through in photographs is to get to know you as a person first. When you think about it, this makes sense, because by knowing you a little she can work with your personality, make you smile, whilst clicking away on the camera.

OnTax Dunfermline Accountants Ask TGPix Photography:
- What Makes A Good Photographer?

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Teresa was keen to tell me about the early days when she studied photography at night school and later at the National College of Photography, while living in Johannesburg, SA. Her first few assignments taught her that most of a photographers business comes through referrals. What struck me was that you would guess that most of a photographers work would come through the display of their pictures that once seen would prompt enquiries. Whilst this is true, it doesn't tell you about the photographer, whose aim is to work with you in a warm friendly manner. OnTax Dunfermline Accountants think that anyone can take a photo but it takes a good photographer to bring your personality out and Teresa at TGPix Photography does that very well.

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- TGPix Photography Bring Out The Best In You!

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Teresa at TGPix Photography was good enough to offer me a free photo session whilst there. I did warn her that for some reason I struggle to smile in photos but she seemed convinced that she could do my photos justice. So to the studio it was! During the photo session it became clear that Teresa was a perfectionist and that she was able to engage confidently and warmly with me which in turn meant that the pictures taken were of a higher standard than I have obtained so far from other photographers. I have seen other photographers treat clients like a production line, almost Herr Flick gestapo interrogation style i.e "Here are ze lights, now you vill smile!" but Teresa definitely brought a different experience to the photo session, one where she relaxes the client, engages with them and allowes their personality to shine through. Many thanks Teresa at TGPix Photography for showing OnTax Dunfermline Accountants how to smile again!