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Today, OnTax Dunfermline Accountants visited one of our clients, a forklift training specialist called Active Industrial Training Ltd, at their premises in Cowdenbeath, Fife, Scotland, where they specialise in RTITB forklift training covering the whole of Scotland for those looking to do obtain their RTITB forklift license to eventually become an RTITB forklift driver. In exchange for a shameless advert on our website OnTax Dunfermline Accountants were offered the chance to try out the forklift truck, all under the guise of "forklift training" of course, so what better to do on what was possibly the wettest day in Scotland than for OnTax Dunfermline Accountants to visit Active Industrial Training Ltd!

OnTax Dunfermline Accountants were warmly welcomed into the warehouse by Mike Lees the M.D of Active Industrial Training Ltd. Mike is a larger than life always laughing character who was keen to show me his RTITB forklift training area where those attempting their RTITB forklift training were going through their forklift training hoping to pass and get their forklift licence. We watched on as the forklift truck training progressed and could not help but feel the urge to try out some forklift training ourselves!

OnTax Dunfermline Accountants Ask
Could This Be The Next Corporate Day Out?

Forklift Training

As you can see, even sitting in the forklift truck was enough to put a big smile on my face! Mike was keen to get my short session in forklift training off to a quick start so I was shown the controls and how to control the forklift truck. The interesting thing about forklift training is the attention to detail and concentration you have to employ whilst undertaking forklift truck training as a lot of damage can be done rather quickly during a short session of forklift training!

During the forklift training Mike taught me how to negotiate the forklift round corners, through a chicane and out the other side. Its surprisingly easy to get the hang of as long as you are aware of not hitting things, something that may cause you to lose your forklift licence.

I could not help but think during my forklift training that this could be the next big craze in corporate days out, definitely toys for the boys, especially for those of us who sit in offices all day!

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Look No Further For Forklift Truck Training!

Forklift Training

During my short forklift training I noted that the facilities at Active Industrial Training Ltd are ideal for attaining your RTITB forklift license. Those looking for fork lift truck training need look no further than Active Industrial Training Ltd at Cowdenbeath for forklift training, I would highly recommend them!

This advertising feature has been brought to you by OnTax Dunfermline Accountants who supply accounting services to Mike Lees (provider of forklift training) at Active Industrial Training Ltd. You can call Mike Lees at Active Industrial Training Ltd on: Tel 0845 833 0771 & 07713 017661