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Can Gym Fees Be Tax Deductible?

With All This Talk About Health & Workplace Stress
What Does The Taxman Say About Gym Fees?

Can Your Company Pay Your Gym Fees?

OnTax Accountant Dunfermline have been sitting behind the desk and are getting a bit porky these days! At OnTax Accountant Dunfermline we received a leaflet from the local gym asking us to join and it got us thinking, if there was a way to make this cost tax efficient particularly as it isn't cheap!

To learn more about claiming gym fees through your company and to see me pumping some iron, tune in to the brief video below!

Taxmans View Of Gym's

Blog Answer

Joining a gym is expensive in fact OnTax Accountant Dunfermline checked into this and found that the normal tax rules state that if the company pays for the membership, you will be taxed via Benefit in Kind taxes on the value of the gym membership. Further the company will pay national insurance on it but you will personally not pay National Insurance on it.

To get around the Benefit in Kind tax the rules state the "sports and recreational" facilities must be available to all employees, not generally available to the public and not on domestic premises.

Implementing A Gym Policy

Blog Advice

To make sure that your approach is bulletproof with the tax man OnTax Accountant Dunfermline would advise that you get board minutes drawn up to the effect that the company is concerned over moral and has decided to boost this by offering an external private gym membership (we would caution against any membership to a council run gym as this breaches the "not generally available to the public" tax concept).

This could also be extended to a personal trainer, to all the employees and directors. Note it must be available to all. Further the company must contract with the gym or trainer directly and not on a reimbursement basis through you.

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