What Makes OnTax Accountants Unique?

Are All Accountants The Same?
Some Reasons To Consider Using Us.

What Will Influence Your Decision To Appoint Us?

It's a good question. Why choose one accounting firm over another when both appear to offer the same service? When you buy tyres for your car you know the make of tire you want and you phone around for the cheapest price. Because the end product is the same, price becomes the dictator over whether Kwik Fit get the job or indeed Tom Farmer Autocare.

But when selecting an accountant, whom do you pick? The nearest one? The cheapest one? The one that saves you the most money? The one that proivides the best advice? Or do you just go with the cheapest as that strategy worked when buying tires for your car so should, presumably, work when selecting an accountant?

So that we can help you in your decision, below we have compiled some compelling reasons to use OnTax Accountants Ltd as your preferred Accountant.

We Are Passionate About Our Service

Well Established

OnTax Accountants Ltd core business was founded in 2002. Since then we have reliably undertaken thousands of tax returns and accounts ensuring that we are well placed to offer a reliable service of excellence to you.

Hundreds of local businesses have become our clients and stayed our clients and the reason for this is that we are reliable and dependable.


We have over 250 local clients and over 65 glowing testimonials from businesses you will recognise (all published on this website). No other Accountant In Dunfermline has even 20% of this on their website.

65 clients can't be wrong, take comfort in knowing you are in safe hands, we have provided an outstanding service to our clients and continue to do so.

There For You

Appoint OnTax Accountants Ltd today and never have another worry about your account or taxes.

We are here to help you, reassure you and be there to hold your hand through the minefield of UK tax system.

Our Skills

Landlord Rental Property Advice 

We can offer extremely specialist advice to landlords with rental properties due to the fact our director is a published author in the property investment sector.

Technical Advice

Specialist advice on internet marketing, social media, websites, SEO and many other technical aspects of setting up your business and successfully running it. We may not offer many of these services directly but the advice we give will save you much hair pulling and possibly thousands of pounds.

Pay Less Tax

High tax & vat savings through specialist knowledge - we have saved individual clients massive sums of money, to date the largest single saving was £175,000 for a private whisky distillery. We are confident we can save you money too!

Our Dedication To YOU makes US

Our Service Levels

Face To Face Meetings

Although we are setup to provide fast in depth answers via email, there may be times that only a meeting will do and we are always there to meet freely with you and to assist you in your decisions.

Easily Contacted

We don't use call handling centres or automated telephone systems, simply directly call or directly email the accountant working on your job or indeed even meet with them directly.

No Outsourcing

We process your job directly, you may not be aware but a sizeable proportion of Accountants In Dunfermline outsource clients work to India, Philippines, China etc. We on the other hand process all of your job within our Dunfermline office.

All Inclusive Low Cost Fees

We provide low cost fixed fee quotes upfront, that way you will know exactly what the job will cost and will not have to worry about any surprise costs. Our fees start as low as $20 per month.

Approachable & Personable

Above all else we are approachable, easy to get along with human beings, we don't walk about with abacuses or talk in technical terms you won't understand. We like to keep things simple too! Come in for a free meeting, meet us, share a coffee with us and then count on us.


At OnTax Accountants Ltd you will get an accountant who is experienced and whom will deal with you enthusiastically, always return your calls and will proactively advise you.