Submitting Payroll Data To Us

This Guide Will Help You Understand What Payroll Info Is Required By Us So That Accurate & Timely Payrolls Can Be Run.

Payroll Can Be A Headache, We Make It Easy!

We Want You To Get Your Payroll Right

This page covers almost everything you will need to know about your payroll, such as:

  1. Data we require along with how & when to supply it.
  2. What we will supply to you once the payroll is undertaken, how to use this information.
  3. How and when to pay HMRC.

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New Start Employees

There is a lot of data that is required on new start employees. Our system below ensures that all of this is captured in "one go" allowing you to focus on your business.

Auto Enrolment

Most employers are now required to have a workplace pension scheme in place and to automatically add employees to it (called "auto-enrolment"). Non compliance fines are automatic and quickly reach £5000 so this area of employment law that cannot be ignored.

Regular Payroll Data

Payroll is the trickiest of all tasks to correct. Accuracy first time is critical, so please take a moment to read the info we require to maintain this and ensure corrections are not required to be added on to following payrolls.


To ensure that payroll leavers are correctly and legally dealt with, please review our requirements below.


Arrangements around directors payroll tend to be different to regular staff. Optimise your directors payrolls by considering the aspects below.

CIS Scheme

If you operate as a contractor in the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS), this section will cover most common queries.

What We Will Supply To You

Once we run payroll, here are the key documents we will email back to you along with an explanation of key info within them.

How To Pay HMRC Your Payroll Taxes

Paying HMRC on time is imperative. The detail on what to pay them, when to pay it and how to pay it is all covered below. It is critical to be aware of this as the duty to pay HMRC on time falls on the business owner.

Current Tax Rates & Thresholds