How To Pay Us

We use GoCardless payment solutions. Have your own account, get notifications, monitor payments & view historical payments.

A win-win solution for us and clients!

GoCardless Payment Processing

We Use The Best

Our partner, GoCardless, are one of the worlds biggest & reliable payment processors.


A slick & reliable way of collecting payments, you are sure to love GoCardless!

Lower Fees

Paying by GoCardless lowers our admin costs, in turn, you get lower accounting fees. Win-win!

In Control

With GoCardless, you are in full control of your payments and have full visibility of them at all times.

We collect recurring payments and one-off annual payments via direct debits handled by GoCardless. We normally do this prior to the job commencing (this means we don't have credit control costs and thus can keep your fees down).

Relax! We have it all under control...

Managing Your GoCardless Account

How Secure Is My Information?


Security of payment information is naturally everyone's concern. It's ours too! As you can see by clicking the padlock sign beside our website address, our site is HTTPS encrypted with "Let's Encrypt X3", one of the best security protection methods available. Similarly GoCardless (being a financial instituition) are subject to the highest level of security requirements. Relax, your data is secure here!


How Do I Setup An Account With GoCardless?

To create an account with GoCardless;

  • Click the button above
  • Fill in the form
  • Note the login credentials
How Do I Login To My GoCardless Account?

To manage your GoCardless account login here

You may then;

  • View transaction history
  • View upcoming payments
  • Cancel a DD (Please email  first though!)
What If I Change Bank Account?

Should you need to change the bank account that payments come out from, please call GoCardless direct on 020 7183 8674. (This task can only be undertaken by GoCardless).

Cancelling A Direct Debit

If you need to cancel your Direct Debit there are 4 ways you can do this;

  • Inform us and we will cancel it.
  • Login to GoCardless & cancel it.
  • Instruct your bank to cancel it.
  • Call GoCardless on 020 7183 8674.

We do ask that prior to cancelling a DD you get in touch with us, so that we can explore alternatives for you.

About The Direct Debit Amount

Who Sets Up The DD Amount Payable?

When you setup a DD instruction with GoCardless, at that stage it is an authorisation (without a payment schedule attached). Once you have setup the account, GoCardless notify us and we create the payment schedule.

How Much Will My DD Be?


Paying "In Year"

Normally your direct debit is the annual fee divided by 12 equal payments phased "in year" i.e the payments are taken within the tax year to which they apply. However, if there are less than 12 months we will normally phase it over the remaining period. Of course, if there is a more suitable way for you, please let us know and we will accommodate it. 


Paying For Prior Year Work

If we are doing your work "in arrears" i.e for a prior tax year, full payment will be required up-front. This applies to the majority of sole traders & landlords who have not already setup a payment plan with us.


Will My DD Change?


Direct debits, once agreed and setup, do not change in the tax year to which they relate.


How Much Will I Pay & When?

When we onboard you as a client, one of the first things we do is agree and setup a DD structure that works for you. No surprises here! GoCardless themselves will also always send you a notification of pending payments.

What If A DD Fails?

Should a direct debit fail, it will be auto-represented a few days later (Without any additional fees from us). If the DD fails more than 3 times we will contact you to restructure the payment schedule.

What Narrative Shows On The Bank Statement?

Normally the narrative on your bank statement will have the word "GoCardless" along with our business name "OnTax Accountants Ltd". 

Further Queries

Why Is My DD So High?

How your DD is phased depends on 3 factors:

Financial year has not started - DD will be the annual fee divided by 12 equal payments.

Financial year has alread started, - annual fee will be spread across the remaining months.

Financial year has ended  - either full payment upfront before commencing the job or, if possible, agreed instalments that once paid in full will allow your job to commence.

Why Is Payment Required In Advance?

Credit Control

In order to offer cheaper fees to clients, we do not employ a credit controller. This saves us a small fortune and we pass this saving onto you. I'm sure you would much rather have a cheaper fee than extended payment terms! We acheive this by asking clients to pay in advance, in that way no time is wasted internally and your job is progressed a lot quicker.


Failed Payments Cost Businesses!

We only deal with solvent customers who pay. This stops us "working for free" and then having to recover that loss by putting the fees up for all clients. Clients who require extended payment terms are not good for business, ours or yours and so we only onboard solvent clients who can fund the work we undertake.