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Are Landlords Risking Safety For Profit?

The Laws That Landlords Must Abide By Are On The Increase. But What About Landlords That Risk Lives?

Are Landlords Putting The Tenants Lives In Danger?

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OnTax Accountants In Dunfermline has read that the number of landlords is increasing day by day due to homeowners who can not sell his/her property and has turned to letting it out as an option in the interim. OnTax Accountants In Dunfermline thinks that it's a profession that needs full research and knowledge before getting into it but many homeowners have ignored this and plunged straight in unaware of their legal obligations. We have discovered that these new accidental landlords are putting the lives of the renters in a lot of danger by not looking completely after the electrical hazards of their properties.

Insurance campaigners are trying their best to stop this from happening as it puts the lives of many innocents in danger. The fact that the rental rates of properties have not risen at all in the past few years coupled with renting becoming an extremely profitable profession has created a breeding ground for issues. We learned that this has led to a number of inexperienced landlords who do not know even a single thing about being a landlord but are attracted towards it due to the large amount money that can be made. We also discovered that those found guilty for being careless about the electrical safety of the tenants can be fined heavily or can also be sent to prison.

Landlords Take Your Obligations Seriously!

The Electrical Safety Council is trying its best to explain to landlords and renters to look into this matter very seriously as it puts the lives of many in harm's way. We have discovered that The Electrical Safety Council has issued certain guidelines which, if observed properly can help overcome this problem: We also discovered that PAT (Portable Appliance Testing) should be done on each and every electrical appliance irrespective of the size, and this should be included in the rental agreement.

Pursuing Profit Whilst Risking Lives Is Simply Not Ethical..

Get To Know Your Obligations As A Landlord!

Proper check-ups should be carried on each and every electrical appliance by a registered electrician. This registered electrician should be able to produce an Electrical Installation Condition report which will state the condition of that appliance and also if any work needs to be done. We suggest that it should be obligatory for the landlords to make sure that electrical installation be done before any tenancy starts.

OnTax Accountants In Dunfermline recommends that a visual check-up should be carried to make sure that there are no damaged cables, sockets etc. Proper RCD protection must also be carried out for protection against electric shock and electrical fires which can result in serious injuries.

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