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Rental Demand Explosion

Things Are Hotting Up In The Rental Market!
What Do Potential Landlords Need To Know?

Increased Rental Demand


OnTax Accountants In Dunfermline has researched and discovered that rental demands in the UK in the last two to three years have risen sky high. It is one sector of the industry that is not even near to slowing down let alone not being profitable. OnTax Accountants In Dunfermline has also learned that the number of Buy To Let landlords has also increased by a large proportion in the past few years.

Many of these are involuntary landlords in that they have failed to sell their houses so have decided to rent them out meantime. OnTax Accountants In Dunfermline believes that this profession is set to become the most profitable and liked one in 2013. Everyone wants a piece of it now as it has shown no signs of slowing down.

Since 2009, rental values have increased by 13.6%, on the other hand property values have remained stagnant. The UK's nation is progressively becoming renters rather than buyers. According to recent stats and figures the UK renting figures have increased from 31% to 36%. The cities in particular have shown great demand for property renting. We have discovered that Westminster is one of the strongest examples of this, as every four of the ten houses in this area are rented. We  found that the figures from one of the most popular property sites on the internet, tenants4u.com show that London remains the most important area for renting as more than 45% of all the households in London are rented than being owned.

Property Letting Is The Next Big Thing!

The average rent for a home in London is £1,100 per month and the figure is still on the rise. We think that it is crystal clear that profitable opportunities are here to stay for quite a while and the profit that can be achieved from these can be very substantial. But, the question remains how can Buy To Let landlords take full advantage of these extremely favourable conditions?

One way of increasing your rental yield is using technology i.e. Internet. OnTax Accountants In Dunfermline is of view that online property letting services can be used to increase the yield by making sure your property is always rented and no void periods occur. Websites such as tenants4u.com can help landlords massively, as it allows them to save a huge part of their investment but at the same time also allows them to stay in control of the entire letting process by reviewing the proposed deals themselves.

They Are'nt Making Anymore Land...There Is A MASSIVE Property Shortage!

Property Renting Can Be Very Beneficial

An average UK rental property return has been up to 7% which is way more than what can be made from investments at banks and building societies. We found Savills saying that their rents in London will continue to rise by up to almost 26% in the period of the next five years.

We are of view that if you are a landlord, or are thinking of becoming one then 2013 can be a significant year for you. We wish you every success!

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