Changing Accountants To OnTax Accountants Ltd?

We Bring Calm And Order To The Best Decision You Can Make.

That's A Promise.

Reasons To Change Accountant

Are you getting value for money? If not, it's time to change!

They don't understand or fulfill your needs

Always late with filing things

They don't return your calls

They've outgrown you

You've outgrown them

Poor value

Poor advice

Unexpected fees

Lack of technical knowledge

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New Clients
Changed To Us


Average Saving


Have Stayed With Us

Selecting The Right Accountant
Is Paramount To Your Success...
Here's Some Reasons Why My Firm Could Be Good For You

Helpful & Friendly

We are always available and on hand to answer your queries and advise you


30 years of commercial experience in traditional and online businesses

Communication Skills

We avoid jargon so that you understand clearly what we mean

Attention To Detail

We implement a bulletproof approach to our client book-keeping

Technical Skills

We have specialist Sage and Xero skills in house should you need them

Client Care

We care about your opinion of us and work hard to keep you happy

Now That We've Convinced You To Join Us,
Let's Discuss What Happens Next!

The 3 Steps To Changing Accountants

1. Who To Pick?

We hope you choose us! But whoever you choose you need to be sure that the accountant has experience of your industry. Also, check they can meet your expectations and that you can communicate with them freely, because this is very important.

2. Professional Clearance

As a professional courtesy, the new accountant will write to the prior one, requesting "professional clearance". They will also request copies of all accounts, tax returns, and suchlike. At this point, you need to provide all relevant info to the new accountant.

3. Handover

The files, accounts, tax returns and suchlike will now be sent to the new accountant who will then prepare "opening balances". The new accountant may also seek further detail from the prior accountant at this point. Be advised this step can take some time.


Changing accountant is often best done just prior or just after a year-end, as this gives a nice clean opening position for the new accountant. However, here at OnTax Accountants Ltd we will happily take you on as a client at any point.

Changing Accountants?

We Make It Easy & Hold Your Hand The Whole Way

Got Some "Niggles" That Need Answered About Changing Accountants?

It's not hard at all. People do this everyday when they move to OnTax Accountants Ltd. We initiate the transfer for you. There is little you will have to do except sign the handover letter that goes to your prior accountant.

Absolutely not! The only fees you will get from us are the ones you agreed to in advance. No surprises. Ever.

We take payment by direct debit monthly. So, for instance, a £1200 invoice would be £100 per month. Please be advised that there may be a "catch up fee" if you join mid-year.

We will go over all of this at the meeting with you so that you are entirely comfortable with the payment arrangements.

In the last 10 years we have not increased fees at all. Any increases would be minor, if they were ever required. We prefer to keep fees stable and affordable!

Of course we will! We love to hear how our clients are getting on and how we can further assist them.

If you need to speak to us at any time, just pick up the phone, we are ready to listen.

Yes! We are located on a very main road in Dunfermline and you can swing your car in very easily to meet with us or simply drop files in.

Your main point of contact will be myself, Jason Nellyer. However, if a query is better handled by a staff member who specialises in that subject, to ensure you get the best possible answer you may be referred to them. You can at all times communicate directly with me though.