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How Serious Is Vat Evasion?

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Does VAT Evasion = PRISON??

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Ontax Dunfermline Accountant discovered that a group of seven men, one from Surrey and six from Birmingham, were put behind bars after it was proven that they were involved in VAT fraud. Ontax Dunfermline Accountant have learned that the investigation was carried out by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) and it took six years (that’s pretty quick!) to come to a conclusion. We believe that the good thing is that the criminals will be now brought to justice.

HMRC tracked down the group and caught them as these seven men tried to steal £45 million of VAT money. This amount was associated with the trade of CD ROMS and mobile phones. Our experts believe that on one hand it proves that law enforcement agencies do work hard for implementation of law but many question the time (6 years) taken to investigate the case. We have found that according to sources, the group will have to pay back £1.8 million of the money as a fine. Moreover it has also been discovered that they will have to serve a jail sentence of 62.5 years (the government seems quite harsh on evading taxes!).

Criminals Should Be Punished!

Richard Meadows claimed that there are only a few people who get involved in such crimes and that the department works hard to ensure that these criminals are brought to justice. Mr. Meadows is an Assistant Director of Criminal Investigation for HMRC. We have also came to know that he further added that law enforcement agencies of Hong Kong and Dubai were really co-operative in bringing these criminals to justice and that we at HMRC are really thankful to them for all the assistance they provided.

Mr. Meadows stressed that the recovered monies would be used as a benefit to the nation and said that he will make sure it happens (let’s hope it really happens!).

VAT Evasion Is A Serious Crime..Jail Is A Very Real Outcome For Some...

Take Strict Measures

Mr. Meadows was also caught saying that this action by our department will convey a very strong message to all the lawbreakers that they cannot get away with the nation’s money and our department will eventually hunt them down.

Ontax Accountants discovered that HMRC has taken the matter quite seriously and is investigating the credit files of around 20,000 people who are suspected for tax evasion to bring more and more tax evaders to justice and get the nation’s money recovered from such criminals. We understand that these strict measures will reduce the number of tax evaders.

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