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5 Tips To Managing Expenses

OnTax Dunfermline Accountants Take A Look At Expenses
And How You Can Better Manage Them

What Do I Need To Know About Managing My Paperwork?

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At Ontax Dunfermline Accountants we are driven to help our clients sort their paperwork and expenses into an orderly manner so that they feel more organised and in control. One area clients of OnTax Dunfermline Accountants sometimes struggle in is tracking their expenses.

We at OnTax Dunfermline Accountants provide free software for our clients to do this, if you have not already gotten this software from us please do ask! It's important to know first of all that HMRC require you to keep your paperwork for 6 years. With that in mind you need to have a solid system in place so that in 6 years time it all still makes sense and is easily verifiable.

5 Tips To Managing Expenses

With that in mind we would like to share an article we recently came across aimed at contractors that really puts the point across well. Here, FreeAgent's chief accountant Emily Coltman gives five top tips to help make sure you don't miss out any of your expenses as a freelancer.

Article Excerpt:

As a freelancer you'll almost inevitably spend money out of your own pocket on your business's costs, writes FreeAgent, an online provider of accountancy software to freelancers. It's important to keep track of all this money, partly to make sure you dont pay more tax than you should, but also because the costs you pay out of your own pocket still count as costs of the business, so if you don't track them, you could think your business is more profitable than it is which means you're at risk of charging too little, or running out of cash!

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